Play football games with locals

Footy Addicts is the biggest and most active football enthusiasts open community in the UK. We are committed on making playing football easy and accessible to everyone.

Play social football games with the local community.

Through our passion for football we promote an active lifestyle, build communities and improve peopleโ€™s physical and mental health whilst supporting the growth and development of the grassroots game.

Footy Addicts was born out of the need to play casual football games in London. Back in 2009 we created our very first football related Meetup group. Following really strong demand for social games, we moved our services from Meetup to our own dedicated Footy Addicts platform, and since then we never looked back.

Thanks to the people playing every day, the community is growing stronger. We have more than 100,000 registered players and 1500+ monthly games posted through Footy Addicts. This gives access for more and more people to play casual football games.

Footy Addicts for Players

If you are looking to play social football games in your area check the upcoming games list on Footy Addicts. All details are on the game page. Find the game that suits you, book your spot online and come down for a game ๐Ÿ‘

Footy Addicts for Organisers

What’s the biggest problem organisers have nowadays? Too many WhatsApp messages? Too many emails? Lack of players? People dropping out last minute? Chasing players to collect payments?

Sound familiar? You should post your game on Footy Addicts and take away the hassle of organising the game. Footy Addicts has been built in order to facilitate the needs of the game organiser. We have tools that will make your life easier such as:

  • Live attendance list. Everybody knows who is coming and who is not. Limited spots for each game
  • Waiting List. If the game is full, join the waiting list and you will be notified if a spot opens up
  • Online payments. Collect payments from each player online.
  • Live game chat. Communicate with all players at the same time.