The wait is (almost) over!

The wait is (nearly) over. The last few months have certainly taken their toll on all of us. The sudden shutdown of normality was tough to take for everyone, whether it stopped you working, didn’t allow you to see loved ones or WORST OF ALL, stopped you from playing football, we all had to adjust pretty quickly to understand the severity and work together to be able to return back to normal life as soon as possible. The good news is that we’re nearly there, we can finally start to think about returning to sweet, soft astroturf pitches we know and love.

Run and practice football with Footy Addicts Training

What’s next?

With the latest government guidelines allowing small groups of 6 to meet in open spaces, we’re taking the opportunity to get out there and start moving… introducing Footy Addicts Training!

Of course, it goes without saying, our priority remains and will always be players safety. For us this means adhering to guidelines as strictly as possible and minimising the remaining risk of potential spread. Social distancing will be in place and all activities are non-contact, also, sanitary gel will be available at sessions. We think this will encourage people off the couch and back into the open air to ensure match fitness for when we are able to restart games.

Football training sessions

The training sessions have been designed to include a variety of exercises and footy drills to dust off the cobwebs. Understandably, fitness levels will be low for many people and that first touch will need some greasing but it won’t take long to shake off the rust and have you back on form.

The structure will largely be consistent throughout any training session organised by Footy Addicts:
Warm-up to get the body moving followed by some cardio and/or HIIT training exercises.
After we have the difficult stuff out the way, it’s time to get the ball rolling.
We’ll be sharpening our first touches, measuring our passes and fine-tuning our dribbles.

Before we finish off with a warm-down, a fun activity such as football tennis to cool off from the session is an absolute must. If you haven’t played before, you’re in for a treat 😉

The exercises/drills can vary from session to session and will provide you with the tools to get back in better shape than ever.

Practice with ball during Footy Addicts training sessions

Now I know what you’re thinking, every football training you ever went to as a kid probably came with “can we not just play a match” as you arrived. But we have to roll with the punches here, these training sessions will be the perfect gateway step to get you back on track and reach your full footy addicts potential. There are sessions now being carried all over London and Manchester and it’s time to get back out there. Simply check out the upcoming games on the App or website and see what is local to you. Over the coming weeks, we intend to offer more and more options to play and reduce travel to a minimum.

As always, your feedback is crucial and will shape the future of Footy Addicts Training, so if you attend, please do let us know your thoughts. If you are interested in running your own training, get in touch with us and we can support too.

See you in the parks, Footy Addicts!