New Footy Addicts games, new prices, more memberships! 


📈 Footy Addicts games 2022 Stats

As you might know, Footy Addicts games are all about bringing people together through the beautiful game. And we are proud to share how last year has gone. 

Heres a few stats:

Throughout 2022 we organised over 28000 football sessions across the country. That’s a lot of goals! Also, 95% of our casual sessions went ahead in 2022 giving players a certain guarantee that if you are signing up to a game then it should be going ahead.

Thanks to you and our community, (most**) Footy Addicts games were played in a friendly and respectful atmosphere and welcomed 1000s of new addicts into the community. 

Playing football together is a great way to bond with others and build meaningful relationships while improving your fitness. It helps to let off steam, have fun, and feel a sense of camaraderie and belonging. 

We calculated that in 2022 players made over 5.5 million connections on the pitch. That’s a positive sign of social integration through the simple act of sharing a common passion for football. ❤️

These games resulted in:

🤝 New friendships

🙏 Employment opportunities discovered 

🏢 Joint businesses started

💦 and many, many calories burned.

⚽️ You’re not just playing a game. You’re playing for a future.

Footy Addicts games are for the people who live and breathe football. Regardless of their gender, background or level of play.

We aim to create local communities around football so you can share your passion with people who understand it! Have a chat with other players at Footy Adducts games and find out for yourself. Everyone has their own story, and that’s what makes casual games beautiful. 

Footy Addicts games are for everyone, and we work hard every day to make sure our games are as fun, fair, and friendly as possible.

🤑 More Footy Addicts games memberships

Our BETA version of membership packages is also proving to be a hit, with over 1720  memberhsips bought  last year.

The idea of the membership packages are to get our users playing more regularly and incentivising players with a discounted pack if they purchase more games upfront. We saw a 50%+ increase in user activity here. Given that the trial went well, we will be rolling out more memberships over the course of the year. 

😒 Dealing with lockdowns and closed pitches

We’re thrilled to be back on track after a couple of years of lockdowns and closed pitches. It’s been an absolute nightmare (probably for you, too), but we’re finally able to get back to doing what we do best – organising quality football sessions for players of all levels. 

Our team is excited about the possibilities for the future – and we know you will be, too.

🧑‍💻 Trusted by organisers

More and more organisers are turning to Footy Addicts to manage their sessions. The increased demand for our platform has resulted in more opportunities for players to get involved and enhance their physical and mental wellbeing. At Footy Addicts we are doing all we can to ensure that the games posted are genuine and that we have enough demand to fill all sessions posted.

🆕 New Year’s changes

We are committed to creating more games in new areas. In order to do that, we take a big financial risk as we need to invest in pitch hires, campaigns & operational costs. Any profit from the Footy Addicts games we currently run is 100% re-invested to create more opportunities for more people to get involved in social football games.

Due to several reasons explained in more detail below, some of our most popular games have increased in price.

🏦 What 10.7% inflation means for your money?

Many venues increased their pitch hire fees during the past World Cup due to inflation and anticipated demand. 

If you ask if Footy Addicts always make money on games, the answer is no. 

In fact, we make a loss on some sessions and still keep them because it helps maintain activity on the platform and create an evermore universal platform where people can find games. 

If we don’t charge more, our community will be much smaller, and we won’t be able to make a positive social impact in new areas. We have to make sure we’re generating enough revenue to do that.

We’re constantly working on new Footy Addicts games and testing new features to ensure you’ll love them. This means we need to increase our game prices to make all these updates possible.

🙌 #discounted Footy Addicts games community programme

We want football to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve created a fair number of sessions at lower prices across the country so that more people can get active. Also, remember that you can always play for free if you fancy hosting. 

We want to make sure that you feel welcome, and that you can experience the joy of playing football without having to worry about cost.

Footy Addicts team always looking for ways to improve our games, so we have the best chance of being enjoyed by all of our players.

❤️ We have something for you 

Thanks kindly for reading this far. Here’s a little something from us: use a discount code HNY25 at checkout for 25% off for all @footyaddictsstaff games.

And remember, when you join casual Footy Addicts games, there’s a bigger plan in place. We’re working towards ensuring everyone enjoys more games in more places and feels involved.

We’re in this together. ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Fancy organising football sessions on our platform? Here’s a quick guide on starting your own Footy Addicts games.