Top 12 pitches to play football in Birmingham


Casual Football Games in Birmingham

Where to play football in Birmingham?

Birmingham’s casual football scene has hugely increased in the last few years and we’ve been right at the heart of it. For those seeking an extra dose of inspiration to join a Footy Addicts game in Brum, we have just the thing! Our comprehensive guide features all 12 of our venues, providing you with everything you need to know. Take a look, dust off your boots and join us for a game in the Second City!

Top 12 pitches to play football in Birmingham

  • Lordswood Girls’ School
  • Moseley School & Sixth Form
  • Tudor Grange Leisure Centre
  • Central Ground, Sutton Coldfield
  • Wyndley Leisure Centre
  • Castle Vale Stadium
  • Aston University
  • Gosta Green Cage (Aston University)
  • Harborne Academy
  • Ark St Albans, Digbeth
  • Fox Hollies Leisure Centre
  • Coleshill Stadium, Sutton Coldfield

Lordswood Girls’ School

📍 Knightlow Rd, Harborne, Birmingham B17 8QB

Welcome to the spiritual home of Footy Addicts in Birmingham! We’ve been playing games at this venue since the school opened their pitch after lockdown. The facility features one full-sized 4G pitch that you can divide into halves or quarters, depending on the size of the game. We play our 9-a-side games on half-pitch, allowing for plenty of space and time on the ball, while our 7-a-side games are on quarter-pitch and are known for their fast-paced action. With 8 games on weekdays and 2 on the weekends, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. However, you’ll want to be quick to book your spot, as some games fill up weeks in advance. This venue is an absolute must-visit for any Brummie Footy Addict!


Moseley School & Sixth Form

📍 Springfield Rd, Birmingham, West Midlands B13 9NP

One of the original Footy Addicts Brum venues! The Moseley pitches transform into a hive of activity at night. The place is packed with players either mid-game or those waiting to start their session. It’s got a real buzz to it, especially under the lights! The school has one full sized 3G pitch, split into three smaller pitches by high pitch-dividing nets. At time of writing we have two games at Moseley; an hour game on a Thursday and a 90 minute one on a Monday. As it’s the only 90 minute game in Birmingham this one fills early, so make sure to book ahead of time! 


Tudor Grange Leisure Centre

📍 Blossomfield Rd, Solihull B91 1NB

This is our first venue in Solihull, featuring a brand-new 4G facility! Following a successful pitch refurbishment last summer, the venue fully opened in September and has since become one of our top picks. While similar to others with one full-sized pitch split into thirds, Tudor Grange sets itself apart with its unique shorter-wider goals and crisp underfoot feeling. Unlike many artificial pitches, the infill here is made of cork, a more sustainable material than the standard black rubber balls. What’s more, the flexible pitch dimensions allow us to adjust the size from 6-a-side to 8-a-side based on our numbers. And with ample parking and a mere 5-minute walk from Solihull train station, Tudor Grange is incredibly accessible.


Central Ground, Sutton Coldfield

📍 Central Ground, Coles Ln, The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham B72 1NL

The Central Ground is home of Sutton Coldfield Town FC – Conference Northern team. Lower league football may conjure up images of bobbly, grass pitches turned mud baths in the winter – not here though. A brand new full-sized UEFA standard pitch with superb floodlights and high dividing nets make for a quality footballing playing experience. It’s about as 4G as it comes! The turf is pristine, and the ground takes on an even more atmospheric quality under the lights. The dimensions are kind too, meaning we can go anywhere between 9-a-side and 6-a-side give or take a few cones. If you haven’t had the chance to play here yet, The Central Ground is a must-visit venue that’s sure to impress.


Wyndley Leisure Centre

📍 Clifton Rd, The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham B73 6EB

Wyndley is where it all began for us in Sutton Coldfield. It remains one of our most popular venues to date. Last summer, the pitch and outdoor facilities underwent a complete renovation as part of Birmingham’s preparations for the Commonwealth Games. Athletes also used the facility for training and recovery during the games. The pitch at Wyndley has a slightly different feel underfoot compared to our other venues, as it is sand-based and therefore slightly harder. We recommend wearing astros when the weather is dry, but opting for moulds in colder or wet conditions. Thanks to the surface, games at Wyndley are fast-paced, and the ball moves with lightning speed. Be sure to use your warm-up minutes wisely to get your first touch dialed in!


Castle Vale Stadium

📍 Farnborough Rd, Birmingham B35 7LF

Set back from a busy residential area, Castle Vale Stadium is a hive of activity. Plenty of clubs train here throughout the week and play their league games here on the weekend. As well as a big car park, you can find a large bar area, changing rooms and restrooms all underneath the main stand. The pitch is a tidy 3G that is really well maintained, which is obvious come the cold and wet winter months. At the time of writing we run just the one weekly game at CVS. With the game proving popular, we’re looking to bring more games here later in the year.

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Aston University

📍 Nearest Address to pitch: Old Cross House, Aston St, Birmingham B4 7ED

Smack bang in the city centre is Aston University’s main campus football pitch. Not quite full-sized but similar to the rest, you can divide it into three smaller pitches. Games here are always fast paced and favour one or touch football! You’ve got to be savvy here as well, attackers are allowed inside the D but can’t shoot inside it. So, be aware if you score from inside the D it won’t count! The goals are shorter and wider than the standard but it encourages deadly bottom corner finishing from outside the area. Central location with good links to public transport, this pitch is one of our most easily accessible.


Gosta Green Cage (Aston University)

📍 Nearest Address to pitch: 10, Gosta Green, Birmingham B4 7ER

The younger sibling of the Aston uni duo is the Gosta Green cage. A short walk from the main uni pitch, you’ll find the cage behind the Sack Of Potatoes pub. Similar to the Aston Uni pitch, the goals are short and wide plus can’t shoot inside the area. Unlike the Aston Uni pitch however, the caged pitch means the ball is always in play so the running is non-stop. As the only cage game currently available on Footy Addicts in Birmingham, this is the perfect session for those seeking a cardio-intensive game.


Harborne Academy

📍 Harborne Rd, Birmingham B15 3JL

Situated at the bottom of Harborne High Street, the school is in a great location for a lot of those who live close by the city centre or out by University of Birmingham. The pitch itself is spot-on too! A big 3G cage with clear pitch markings for one large pitch or two small pitches. Whether you’re looking to play a full-length 8-a-side game or two smaller sided games, this venue has space to accommodate both. This is a top venue and we’re excited to bring more games here later in 2023!


Ark St Albans Academy, Digbeth

📍 Conybere St, Highgate, Birmingham B12 0YH

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from Birmingham City Centre lies Ark St Albans School, boasting a stunning 3G pitch with an unbeatable view of the city’s towering skyline – arguably the best backdrop for any game on Footy Addicts in Brum. The full-sized pitch features spacious goals, clear markings, and newly installed floodlights, making it perfect for 8-a-side games. Additionally, you can divide the pitch into two smaller-sided pitches for 5/6 a-side games using the smaller goals and yellow markings. The pitch is fully netted all the way around which not only means those wayward shots don’t land in someone’s garden but also means passing needs to be kept on the deck. Cracking central location makes this another easily accessible game for those coming via car or public transport.


Fox Hollies Leisure Centre

📍 Shirley Rd, Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 7NS

Another one of the original Footy Addicts Brum pitches! The leisure centre is known as the place for community football in Acocks Green with the pitches regularly used by teams training or groups of friends having a weekly kick about. The venue has one big floodlit pitch split into thirds with clear blue pitch markings – perfect conditions for an 8-a-side game! We’re currently playing at Fox Hollies four times per week so there’s plenty of space to join us. Whether you’re looking for a regular game with friends or you’re new to the app, Fox Hollies is a great place to play football in Birmingham. 


Coleshill Stadium, Sutton Coldfield

📍 Coleshill Rd, The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, B75 7BA

The newest addition to the schedule – the brand new facility at Sutton Coldfield United’s Coleshill Stadium. Boasting one brand new full-sized 4G pitch (the same size as Wembley!) and a smaller caged pitch, everything from the turf to the goals are state of the art. With free on-site parking and a club house with a bar showing the Premier League/Champions League, it’s a quality footballing venue. Word of warning however, with the quality pitch there’s a strict boot policy in place, moulded/plastic studs only. So lace up your boots, leave the astros at home, and join us for a game followed by drinks at the bar!

⚽️ Play football in Birmingham today!

There’s a game for every Footy Addict in Birmingham. From the fast-paced cage sessions to the expansive freedom of the 9-a-sides and everything in between. With matches scheduled every day, all year-round, whatever the weather, there’s no excuse not to play! Furthermore, as the demand for casual football continues to rise and our community of players continues to grow, be sure to keep an eye out for new games and locations cropping up across Birmingham. See you on the pitch!

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