Footy Addicts Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Connecting Casual Football Players with Local Football Games


Footy Addicts, the UK-based platform that connects casual football players with local football games, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Founded by Konstantinos Gkortsilas, Jonathan Suarez, and Danny Taeidy, Footy Addicts has grown from a small startup to a platform that has helped thousands of people across the UK stay active, make new friends and find a sense of belonging through football.

Mundial Magazine features Footy Addicts’ player stories from around the country.

Play Football games whenever you want

Built on the ethos of accessibility, social Integration, and wellbeing, Footy Addicts has become a household name among football enthusiasts of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and levels of play. Since its inception in 2013, Footy Addicts has become the go-to platform for football lovers looking to play a game with like minded people in their local area.

Footy Addicts ethos is built around three pillars:


  • No matter what level of football you play, everyone is welcome at Footy Addicts games
  • You can join a game whenever you want, and there’s no need for long-term commitments
  • The platform is easy to use, and you can sign up for free

Social Integration

  • Footy Addicts brings people from different backgrounds and cultures together
  • You can make new friends and form teams with people you meet on the platform
  • The community encourages respect, fair play, and teamwork


  • Football is an excellent way to stay healthy and improve your fitness
  • Playing regularly can boost your mental health and reduce stress levels
  • Footy Addicts aims to build happier, healthier, and thriving communities through football
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A decade of organising casual football games

Footy Addicts is more than a football platform. It is a movement that celebrates diversity, encourages a positive attitude, and inspires people to be the best version of themselves.

Over the past decade, Footy Addicts has made significant contributions to sporting venues utilisation and local communities, promoting social cohesion and physical and mental wellbeing through football. The platform has helped to break down barriers and foster connections among people who might not have otherwise met. Footy Addicts’ success lies in its ability to create an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages people to participate in local football games, improve their skills, and connect with others who share their passion for the sport.

Footy Addicts’ success story

Commenting on the company’s milestone, Konstantinos Gkortsilas said, ‘This is an amazing achievement for everybody who has been involved in the project since the beginning. From local players to local community organisers. Over these 10 years we were privileged to meet amazing people who inspired us to keep this project alive. We are really excited to see how Footy Addicts could help even more people be active in the future.’

Jonathan Suarez added, ‘It fills me with joy and gratitude to have spent 10 years on this amazing project. We have grown from a couple of weekly games to a national platform, and we are proud to have connected 100,000s of football enthusiasts. With our sights set on the future, we look forward to continuing to bring the beautiful game to casual football players everywhere and reaching even more people in the next 10 years. The best is yet to come!’

Danny Taeidy concluded, ‘From the first day to today, the project still fills me with such excitement. I know we are on the right track to making the nation more active and making football truly accessible to all. The next chapter will be even more exciting as we establish ourselves across the country and introduce more features to aid the grassroots game’.

‘The next chapter will be even more exciting as we establish ourselves across the country and introduce more features to aid the grassroots game.’ 

Footy Addicts helps develop Grassroots Football in the UK

Footy Addicts’ dedication to grassroots football has contributed significantly to the development of the sport. Through its network of local football games, Footy Addicts has made it easier for people to find and participate in football games. This has led to the growth of local football communities. These communities have been able to organise games themselves, create their own teams, and participate in small sided leagues organised by Footy Addicts.

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Women’s football

Footy Addicts is not only committed to bringing people together through football but also to promoting gender equality and inclusivity in sports. They are dedicated to growing women’s football, which has been gaining more popularity in recent years.

Their platform offers the opportunity for women to join or create their own games, regardless of their skill level. The company understands the barriers that women face in sports, and they are committed to breaking those barriers down. Footy Addicts has a growing number of female members and regularly organises women-only football games.

Football for good

Footy Addicts has always been a socially responsible organisation. Their dedication to making a positive impact on the community extends beyond their platform. The company regularly collaborates with organisations that support active lifestyle and mental health initiatives. They believe that football can be a powerful tool to help people who are struggling with their physical and mental health, and they are committed to providing opportunities for individuals to connect and improve their wellbeing through the sport.

In addition to their direct involvement in charitable initiatives, Footy Addicts also encourages their users to give back to their local communities. They regularly promote fundraising events and encourage their users to support causes that are important to them.


By prioritising charitable work and social responsibility, Footy Addicts is making a positive impact on the world beyond their platform. Their commitment to giving back and supporting those in need reflects their ethos of accessibility, social integration, and wellbeing. Footy Addicts is proud to be a part of the growing movement towards gender equality in sports. They will continue to support and promote women’s football in the UK and beyond.

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