3 Easy Steps to Becoming a Football Game Host with Footy Addicts

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Introduction to Football Game Hosting

Overview of Footy Addicts

If you were wondering how to find and play local football games, now you know. The answer is Footy Addicts, a platform that connects players for a kickabout on a nearby astro pitch.

Footy Addicts has always been an open football community project with the mission to host football games anywhere, anytime and for everybody. Thanks to thousands of game hosts across the UK, we can keep this mission alive. So, here’s how it works.

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Role of a Game Host

Game Hosts bring the equipment, make teams and do the goal-keeper changes. You can find more information about what exactly is involved by seeing our Game Host Guide.

Benefits of Hosting Local Football Games

⚽️ Free Games

Pitch hire costs in the UK are constantly increasing, but as a Game Host, you play for free. Always!

🏟 Guaranteed spot

Local Football pick up games are becoming extremely popular. Some of our sessions are booked out a month in advance, but you have your place sorted.

🎽 Balls and bibs provided

️We make sure you have everything you need to run your sessions smoothly. If we can’t provide the equipment on time, we’ll send you a refund or top up your Footy Addicts wallet.

πŸŽ– Community ambassador status

Game Hosting makes you the person everyone knows and counts on for a good game. You gain respect on and off the pitch instantly.

Current Locations for Game Hosting

Check the latest venues and locations for game hosting πŸ‘‡

This list has been updated every month, so you can see exactly where the role becomes available. These could be completely new locations or existing venues where regular hosts are unavailable.

Am I a good fit for a game host?

The short answer is probably, yes. If you’re a regular player with a positive attitude, then this is for you. As a part of our team of hosts, you’re in for a greater cause. Some people say it’s just a kickabout, but we all know football is more than a game. There’s a social aspect to it that makes it so special.

Become a Game Host with Footy Addicts in 3 steps

The process is simple so anyone who loves football can get involved and help their local community.

Step 1. Check the locations and your availability

Step 2. Fill out the game host form below

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Check the list above and let us know.

Step 3. Host your first game

Make sure to check out the Footy Addicts Game Host guide and Code of Conduct before your first game to make your life easier.


A massive thanks to every one of our game hosts at Footy Addicts. Every session you run helps cement casual football as a vital part of the UK sporting community. You help bring our games to life and create a friendly atmosphere for everyone. Cheers for being such an important part of our team! We couldn’t do this without you.

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