How to organise a good game of football?

While some of you might already be seasoned organisers, with dozens over dozens of games hosted, maybe there are some that have always wanted to get into it but have never dared. That’s where we come in! After years of washing bibs and picking up shots over the fence, we’ve developed a good notion of top tips on how to organise a good casual football game. Here, we’re giving up the goods. Brace yourself.

Footy Addicts football bibs washed

Work online

That’s it, the pitch is booked, you only need a few Footy Addicts to fill up your game. The first thing to know is that there is no wrong medium to get the word out there, everything works: Facebook, Twitter, Facebook groups, WhatsApp, Gumtree; people wanting to play some footy are everywhere, you just need to find them.

It’s also crucial to make your game lively, people want to sign up to games that they know are going to happen and have activity. Answer questions, encourage people to join, communicate what makes your football game special. Once you’ve got a few players on there, make sure you’re there to communicate and give them support for anything they might need. You’re the captain now, you call the shots.

Game prep

First things first, equipment is the number one priority. Bibs, back-up balls, pump, water: it’s important to be prepared. It’s always better for everybody when you can just use another ball rather than having to go pick up a ridiculous shot before being able to play again!

Play casual football game in North Dulwich London

Make sure everyone knows what’s going on: there might be first time players on your roster, and they can be confused. Have a clear description about when & where to meet, contact info, pitch number, etc … You’re the point of contact. Once again: you’re the boss.

At the pitch

Don’t forget VPA: Be vocal. Be positive. Be assertive. People have to know who’s in charge! Introduce yourself to everyone, make sure new faces are comfortable and familiar faces happy to come back. Keep in mind everyone is different. Although we’ve put together 7 of the more classic players you’re likely to find on your pitch. Make even teams, make everyone feel welcome by being as inclusive as possible. Additionally make sure everyone is clear about the rules. And don’t forget to bellow “CHANGE KEEPERS” every 7 minutes*.

It’s also important to engage with the players after the game. Get some feedback, make sure everyone is heard and get useful information to make every game better. After that, stay on top of your next game to be ready to do it all over again the week after!

Organising a game is a lot of work. However, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience. You get to create a small community around the beautiful game. You meet new people and develop friendships week in week out. If that’s something you’ve always wanted to do but never really got around to it, we’d be happy to give you some support.

*dependent on game length & size of game.