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Footy Addicts is an all inclusive football platform to find, join or organise your own local football games.

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📲 Easy to start

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✅ Games every day

🤝 Everyone is welcome

🤙 No commitment or skill level is required

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These are casual, pay-as-you-play sessions with mixed standard, designed to be fun, welcoming, and commitment-free.

We currently organise women-only games across London at the football venues listed below and you can find a full schedule here.

All abilities are welcome and we try to split the teams evenly to have a good kick-about. The reality is that the more you play, the better you’ll become, so it’s beneficial to make playing football a weekly habit.

It’s small-sided football, so depending on the venue, it could be 5-a-side to 8-a-side and everything in between.

Just need to be over 18. No upper limit, just bring your game!

Trainers can work but Astro boots are ideal for these 3G/4G pitches. They provide the right grip and support.

  1. Sign Up:

  2. Find a Game:

    • Use the search bar to find and select a game that fits your schedule and location. Make sure to filter for women-only games and follow the London Ladies Staff account
  3. Join the Game:

    • Tap ‘Join Game’ to reserve your spot and follow the instructions to confirm
Central London

Play Women's Football at Barnard Park Football Pitch, Islington, N1 0NA

6-a-side, every Tuesday night
Play women's football in Barnard Park with Footy Addicts

Play Women's Football at William Tyndale Football Pitch, Angel, N1 2DL

6-a-side, every Thursday night
Play women's football at William Tyndale School with Footy Addicts
North London

Play Women's Football at Whittington Park, Archway, N19 4RE

8-a-side, every Friday night
Play women's football at Whittington Park with Footy Addicts
South London

Play Women's Football at JAGS Sports Club, SE24 9JN

7-a-side, every Tuesday and Thursday night
Play women's football at JAGS Sports Club with Footy Addicts
West London

Play Women's Football at Powerleague - Shepherds Bush, W12 7RW

6-a-side, every Thursday night
Play women's football at Powerleague Shepherd's Bush with Footy Addicts

Play Women's Football at Lammas Park Football Pitch, Ealing, W13 9NJ

5-a-side, every Wednesday night
Play women's football at Lammas Park with Footy Addicts
East London

Play Women's Football at Whitechapel Sports Centre, E1 5BA

6-a-side, every Friday night
Play women's football at Whitechapel with Footy Addicts

Football is for everyone, no matter what background you’re from, what age, what level you play at. This is what it’s all about: coming out today, having a good time, and getting involved.

Alex Scott quote on football
Alex Scott
Former Player & Broadcaster
Jess Carter quote on football
Jess Carter
Football Player

I play football because I love playing football and I want to play football. If we can help and support and be there and be an inspiration to people as part of the journey then that’s incredible.

You’ve got to believe in yourself! If you enjoy it, don’t let anyone take it away from you.

Jordan Nobbs quote on women's football
Jordan Nobbs
Football Player

How Footy Addicts Women's Football Programme Started

Footy Addicts noticed a growing demand for women’s football in London. Despite the city’s rich football culture, there were limited opportunities for women to play. In 2017, they partnered with the London FA to launch a dedicated women’s football programme, aiming to create more accessible and inclusive spaces for women to play football.

The Partnership with London FA

The collaboration with London FA was crucial. Both organisations wanted to increase female participation in football. The London FA aimed to double the number of female players by 2025, aligning perfectly with Footy Addicts’ mission. Together, they focused on grassroots development, providing quality pitches and organising women-only games across London.

Growth and Impact

The programme started with small weekly games in areas like Shepherd’s Bush and Whitechapel. By 2023, it had grown significantly, hosting over 330 women-only games and creating 4,000 opportunities for women to play football in London. This growth showed the strong demand and enthusiasm for women’s football in the city.

The Girls United Partnership

In 2023, Footy Addicts partnered with Girls United, an organisation founded in 2017 that focuses on promoting gender equality in football. Girls United operates in South London and provides football training and leadership skills for girls and young women. This partnership allowed Footy Addicts to offer more football sessions specifically for women and non-binary players. They started weekly games at JAGS Sports Club in Dulwich and Barnard Park, open to all skill levels, especially beginners​.

Building an Inclusive Football Community

Footy Addicts are committed to making football accessible for everyone. They focus on creating a football community where all groups feel welcome and included. Their plans include adding more games and supporting the development of women’s football, aiming to develop the passion for the game in adults and the next generation of players.

How to support the Women's Footy Community?

Simply join games and enjoy your stress-free time. The more women play football, the better, so help us spread the word by sharing this page with your friends.

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